About the Journal

Capital Journal of Educational Studies (CAJES) is a publication of FCT College of Education Zuba Abuja and it is a multidisciplinary journal that accepts contributions from all fields of research. CAJES is a peer-reviewed journal that includes articles of interest and of use to researchers particularly in the field of education. CAJES Scope cover but not limited to the following area:

  • Research on teaching alternatives, including evaluation of a new method; cooperative learning; concept maps; learning contracts; investigative experiences; use of educational technology; simulations and games; and the process of making value judgments.
  • Social and ethical implications of all fields of study and how to teach them; aging and death; genetic engineering; energy; pollution; agriculture; population; health care; nutrition; sexuality; gender; drugs, etc.
  • Specific how-to-do-it suggestions for laboratory, field activities, or interdisciplinary programs.
  • Reviews of recent advances in all areas of study; useful to teachers and researchers with references to original sources.
  • Imaginative views of the future and suggestions for coping with changes.

Editorial  Policies

The CAJES and its editors assume no responsibility for the statements and the opinions advanced by contributors, registered names and trademarks etc., used in this publication , even without specific indication thereof are not to be considered unprotected by law


Dr. Grace Ini Udom (Editor-in-Chief)

+2348036510765, Email; cajes@gmail.com